French Drain Installation: What You Need to Know

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Avoiding water damage to your foundation is essential for any successful home, and interior french drains are a great way to help protect it. This practical and attractive solution can enhance your landscape’s aesthetic while providing peace of mind. Are you curious to find out if french drains are right for you? 

Fortunately, this guide will provide you with all the information needed to know more about how interior french drains work. With minimal effort, you can easily ensure that your foundation will be safe from flooding and water damage. Let’s get started!

How Do French Drains Work? 

To start off, let’s discuss how french drains work. This type of drain consists of a trench filled with gravel, porous pipe, and other materials that allow the water to flow away from the house or foundation. As rainwater accumulates near your foundation, the french drain will divert it through the trench and out of your home.

About the Design

French drains come in various shapes, lengths, and widths. The design of your french drain will depend largely on the size and shape of your yard as well as the slope of the land. It’s essential to speak with a specialist that can provide valuable information regarding drainage solutions that are right for you.

French Drains Interior

The trench should be filled with a gravel mix and a high-quality PVC or drainpipe with either perforated or slotted designs for enhanced filtering ability. A layer of porous fabric is placed inside the trench to act as a barrier between the soil and roots. Then, another layer will be on top for maximum effectiveness.

This combination of gravel on the surface and inside does more than just strain debris; it allows liquid to easily seep through so nothing gets stuck or spilled over.

For Better Drainage, You’ll Need Deep Installation

Once all the components are installed, you’ll need to ensure that your interior french drain is deep enough. It should be at least eight inches below the surface of your soil to ensure proper drainage and filtration. Additionally, it’s important to use a pipe that’s thick enough so it won’t collapse under pressure or if there’s an increase in water flow.

Through careful research, you can locate the finest waterproofing company near you for your french drain installation. With their guidance, you will be assured of a properly installed drainage system that works optimally and efficiently.

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