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Exterior Drainage

Workers installing drainage fabric near driveway.
Worker inspecting newly installed exterior drainage trench in lawn.
Worker installing exterior drainage system in residential yard.
Exterior drainage installation along house perimeter.
Laying exterior drainage pipes in residential backyard.
Installation of underground drainage pipe with gravel and fabric filter in yard.
Exterior drainage trench with gravel fill in residential lawn.
Finished exterior drainage installation with surface grate near driveway.

Exterior Waterproofing

Finished exterior waterproofing with gravel and drainage beside white building.
Exterior foundation waterproofing with protective coating near construction site.
Preparation of ground for exterior waterproofing at residential home.
Exterior foundation drainage system installation with waterproof lining.
Worker installing waterproof barrier on brick foundation exterior.
Worker applying waterproof coating to foundation wall.
Applying waterproof membrane to building's exterior wall.
Applying waterproof sealant on exterior foundation for moisture protection.
Waterproof membrane applied to exterior foundation wall during excavation.

Interior French Drain

Basement drainage system with integrated sump pump installation.
Worker digging trench for interior french drain installation in basement.
Basement perimeter drainage channel installation.
Close-up of gravel layer in interior.
Interior French drain with sump pump installation in basement.
Basement corner with installed subsurface drainage system.
Installation of interior French drain in basement with exposed piping.
Interior French drain system installed near basement utility tanks.
Installation of interior French drain along basement wall.


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Basement Waterproofing

He did an excellent job, very polite, honest, his crew was very efficient and he did a wonderful job. his pricing is fair.

Myrna H.

French drain

Tucker was professional and explained everything to me before starting the work. His crew showed up on time. Was very clean and professional.

Sean B.

foundation repair

Excellent. Good follow-up, questioned answered, professional crew. Impressed by the results. Fair price.

Tom C.

Basement Waterproofing

Very well. Reasonably priced and good at what they do. They were quick to accommodate my issue and communicate with me through the whole process. Quality work from a great company! Can’t get better than that.

Jen K.

French drains

I found Tucker very easy to work with and willing to listen to my ideas. He had a genuine concern for my situation. Here are the perks of hiring One and Done: all work was done in a timely manner, the crew w...

Barb Z.

Foundation Repair

Tucker and his team were excellent! Tucker came out several times to come up with the best solutions for my backyard drainage and garage waterproofing issues. His team was extremely practical, professional, clean and efficient. 

Abe G.